With our bespoke database, which stores over 35 million OEM part numbers, plus over 1 million PMA part numbers, we can provide a faster, more efficient, cost-effective sourcing capability. Our sources include Aircraft tear downs, Surplus inventory, consignment stock of OEM or PMA parts. This capability allows us to obtain quotes from several sources, assuring our customers get the best possible values in the marketplace.  Aerojet represents a number of carefully selected MRO’s that provide very competitive pricing and quality repairs, thereby fewer components are rejected as faulty or require re-work. This ultimately provides the end user with improved aircraft dispatch rates/cost savings. Aerojet offers a nose-to-tail support solution, distributing products globally with the following benefits for the customer.

✔ Improved Service Levels
✔ Reduced demand uncertainty
✔ Reduced Inventory requirements
✔ Reduced Freight costs
✔ Reduced Material Handling
✔ Reduced Obsolescence & Shrinkage
✔ Reduced Cost of Capital